Under God

America is the greatest country the world has ever known, save God’s chosen people. It’s greatness is not found in capitalism nor democracy, not even in freedom. America is great because we were founded under God. But that all disappeared on a Sunday night on the second day of Spring. We sold capitalism to government-run. We replaced democracy with mandates. And freedom was lost to the ones we chose to represent us.

Slowly, inexorably, suddenly we abandoned our foundation, and like the Jewish nation of scripture we will suffer the fate of nations professing faith in God and then turning from Him. The wall of separation we have erected in this beloved America is not between church and state, it is between us and God. And we should be prepared as a country to live without God on our side. For the Jews that meant a divided nation. It meant they would be delivered into the hands of their enemies and scattered, dissipated, lost. That is our fate now.

This country is already divided between conservative and liberal, between Christian and secular, not between black and white or rich and poor. And now the states will line up in opposition to the federal government, unable to meet its demands. And our enemies will build bombs or buy up our credit. And we will help them to destroy us by embracing them while we chastise our friends. Because when we turn our gaze from God, we see the world instead. A world that sees man as master, that believes we make the choices of life and death, that has the arrogance to suppose we can destroy God’s creation.

For everything good God provides, the world debases. Responsibility becomes entitlement. Love becomes sex. Murder becomes a choice. How silly we become, mere pawns in the battle between good and evil, between God and the Great Deceiver. We are helpless to defeat the lies of this world and do not see it. We must understand we are powerless. We must petition God for guidance. Our founding fathers understood that, and His guidance is what produced our prosperity, our very supremacy. If we do not submit we are lost, and like Bart Stupak we will sell our souls for a promise from a liar.

Always, though, there is a remnant that continues to believe in the God of our fathers. And God has made specific promises to those accepting the salvation of his Son. And unlike man’s promises, God’s word can not be rescinded or altered. That may be just a quaint concept in this secular world, but some things are true whether you believe them or not. When the Jews in their despair turned back to God, He was always there waiting for them. He is waiting for us, too. But America must decide what we will become, one nation under God or just another fallen empire.

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