Jesus Rocks

I love it when rock ‘n rollers show a little faith. I hope they mean it, but sometimes I don’t think they realize how what they are saying translates to a person who believes.  That’s why I included the Peter Gabriel song, In Your Eyes, on this list. I see God in it. How does it translate to you?

“In your eyes, I see the doorways to a thousand churches. In your eyes, the resolution to all the fruitless searches. I want to feel the light, the heat of your eyes. In your eyes, I am complete.”

Song Time Artist Album
Orphan Train 5:45 Allison Moorer Mockingbird
Gotta Serve Somebody 5:26 Bob Dylan Slow Train Coming
Jesus Was An Only Son 2:54 Bruce Springsteen Devils and Dust
Carry You Home 4:35 Cross Canadian Ragweed Cross Canadian Ragweed
Seeing Is Believing 2:55 Elvis Presley Amazing Grace
The Pearl 5:02 Emmylou Harris Red Dirt Girl
Dear Lord 4:05 Joseph Arthur Redemption’s Son
This Love 3:59 Kim Richey Rise
If You Want It 5:09 Lenny Kravitz It Is Time For A Revolution
I Can’t Wait To Meetchu 5:20 Macy Gray On How Life Is
If I Had My Way 3:24 Patty Griffin Downtown Church
In Your Eyes 5:30 Peter Gabriel So
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down 4:12 Robert Plant Band Of Joy
Have A Talk With God 2:42 Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life
Dead Man’s Rope 5:44 Sting Sacred Love
A Song for Sleeping 4:14 Stone Temple Pilots Shangri-La Dee Da
All Because Of You 3:39 U2 How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
17 Songs/1.2 Hours

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