My High School Musical

The songs on this list are from bands I saw live when I was in high school. And I can tell you, this ain’t no Glee list. I just laugh when my daughter gets so excited about the High School Musical movies on Disney Channel. I think the soundtrack of my high school experience is just a little better than anything Disney has to offer, and the memories of being there are infinitely better than some teenager singing on TV.

Song Time Artist Album
Hells Bells 5:12 AC/DC Back in Black
Even the Losers 4:01 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Damn the Torpedoes
More Than a Feeling 4:45 Boston Boston
Natural Science 9:18 Rush Permanent Waves
The Chain 4:31 Fleetwood Mac Rumours
Just What I Needed 3:43 The Cars The Cars
Rehumanize Yourself 3:10 The Police Ghost in the Machine
Walks Like a Lady 3:16 Journey Departure
Bloody Well Right 4:33 Supertramp Crime of the Century
Tunnel of Love 8:12 Dire Straits Making Movies
Cross-Eyed Mary 4:09 Jethro Tull Aqualung
Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2:44 Queen The Game
Owner of a Lonely Heart 4:29 Yes 90125
Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 3:50 Van Halen Van Halen
Great White Buffalo 6:21 Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo
Cinnamon Girl 3:00 Neil Young Everybody Know This is Nowhere
Pearl Necklace 4:07 ZZ Top El Loco
17 Songs/1.3 Hours

One thought on “My High School Musical

  1. An excellent list that clearly demonstrates how vastly superior the music we grew up with is to the current, sad state of popular “music.”

    But, I do have two caveats:

    First, Rush, for me, is prog-rock at its most pompous and self-indulgent. (I’m sure my negative opinion of Rush is in no way whatsoever influenced by having them inflicted upon me by a certain brother of mine who liked to play their music (loudly!) first thing in the morning throughout high school.)

    Second, “The Cards”?

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