A Soul’s Ascent

Thoughts are flying fast,
Past me and sometimes through me.
Images are a blur,
Brilliant and often unfathomable to me.

All are mine,
But I can’t hold on.
I grasp at everything.
I remember nothing.

Thoughts of summer days,
Harsh sunlight with unappreciated company.
Images of a spotless place,
Fried chicken and fresh tomatoes for the family.

Everything was mine,
But I stand back.
Participating in nothing.
Losing everything.

Thank you for a time well spent.
I can finally see how much it meant.
Images come alive,
Resurrected through a soul’s ascent.

Most are mine again,
But what was lost is lost.
Life is nothing.
Sharing life is everything.

© 2012 Wasted Space Publishing

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