iTexas Tour : Wildflowers

We took our kids out a couple of weekends ago to take some pictures of them sitting amongst the Bluebonnets. It’s kind of a right of Spring around here. The Texas Department of Transportation spreads wildflower seed along the medians of the rural highways, and sometime in March they begin to bloom. What I realized though, is that the Bluebonnet may be our state flower but I’m a sucker for the Indian Paintbrush, have been since I was a kid. For me, these red and blue swatches along the road represent the red and blue of our state flag, with the bright white cottony clouds of our coastal Spring standing in for the white. I could go on and on – I just can’t get enough of the Texas countryside in the Spring. Everything goes green, a thousand different shades and vibrances of it. Then the wildflowers come out and the farms and ranches and towns down the winding country roads are awash in color. It is something spectacular and fleeting, with the long summer months waiting close ahead to wash clean the landscape with its own relentless ideas about Texas.

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