Russell Part Deaux

Seems my man, Russell, didn’t cotton to the whole “seems like he’s softened a bit” thing. So, he came up with a new list. Here’s what he says:

Softened up a bit, eh? Perhaps (LOL).
I thought far too much about this question while at work today and I came up with a better list, which the more I think about it i’m sure it would evolve continuously…

A few thoughts: the idea being that these are the only ten records that I’d ever listen to the rest of my living days on earth, I’m taking into consideration variety and themes…and that after years of listening to the same records which ones am i less likely to get tired of.

Anyway here’s my new list:

Album Artist
Quadrophenia The Who
Physical Graffiti Led Zeppelin
Regatta de Blanc The Police
Legend Bob Marley
All That You Can’t Leave Behind U2
Out of Time R.E.M.
Back on Top Van Morrison
CSN Crosby, Stills & Nash
Permanent Waves Rush
New Blood Peter Gabriel

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