Two Lane Road

Heading down a two lane road
Hemmed in by a painted yellow line.
On the way to where I’m going,
If I ever get there at all.

Headlights stare at me
From the other side,
Going where I’ve already been.
What will they find there
That I never did?

And a bend in the concrete
Makes us both alone again,
Winding our ways home
To a place we’ve never been
Or nowhere we’ll ever find.

It’s the last leg of a road trip
I didn’t even know I was taking.
It just started, like an idea
Rolling around in the back of my head.

Where signposts offer sympathy
I take no notice of,
Not even the rusted warnings
Of what lies in wait

Around a bend in the concrete
Where I’m alone,
Winding my way home
To somewhere I’ve only thought about
Or to the place I’ve been searching for all along.

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