a question of doors?

He stands there all the day long, knocking sometimes, but always there. He is a storyteller, and all His stories are about how to live forever. Father told you the same stories, every night before you fell asleep. Stories about how to live forever.

But before you can live forever you must go back to before the beginning. Before you were born. Before the world was born. There was only God. There was only His son. There was only the Spirit. And the angels were there and they were divided. It was the evil one that divided them. He was the highest of the angels, glorious in countenance, before he was cast out of heaven and became Satan, the evil one. Before he made many of the angels believe they were as good as God. That they were as important as the Son. He lied to them. That is what the evil one does. He lies, and lies are behind everything that goes wrong in the world. Because the world is where the evil one went next. Into the world he came for almost forever. But forever is saved for you, for those that won’t listen to his lies.

– a question of doors? by Paul B Womack

a question of doors?
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