God is There

God is there,
living and breathing with your every breath.

in the mind of man He dwells.
in the vastness of the universe His seat of power.
in the complexity of nature a delicate touch of His hand.

God is here,
waiting for you with undiminished hope.

with longing for communion with your mind.
with mercy offering you the vastness of His power.
with joy presenting the intricate work of His hand.

God is everywhere,
accepting those that seek him.

you must go to Him with an open mind.
you must let His power wash over your soul.
you must see in everything the elaborate work of His hand.

for without his sublime light there is only darkness.

© 2010 Wasted Space Publishing

One thought on “God is There

  1. Wow! Please give me permission to share this poem with family and friends. “God is here,
    waiting for you with undiminished hope.” This line alone makes me cry for the magnitude of the love of God.

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