Blink of the Eye

Breath deep.
Wait for inner peace.
Untie the knots.
Forget about it.

It’s just a small part of your small life.
It may seem like an eternity to overcome,
but it’s just a blink of the eye.

Be calm.
Wait for the chaos to pass.
Relieve the pain.
It’ll be gone soon enough.

It’s just a short time in your short life.
It may seem like the pain will never end,
but then it’s gone with a sigh.

It’s hard.
Emotions are topsy turvy.
Stay on an even keel.
It’ll pass like all change.

It’s just a single episode in a vast panorama.
It may seem like the end of your world,
but it’s just a change in the way things seem to be.

© 2010 Wasted Space Publishing

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