Kim Richey

This is a new kind of playlist. One artist only. Not a greatest hits, really. Just my favorites from an artist I think you will enjoy. Sometimes it’s not so easy to get all my favorites on one disk, but I do for these lists. And rarely are the “greatest hits” included. You’ve heard those already. Try these, I’ll think you’ll like them.

This list is from Kim Richey. If she had been born in a simpler time, when rock was rock and country was George Jones and Tammy and Loretta, she would be a star of the first degree. Just listen, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Song Time Artist Album
Those Words We Said 3:59 Kim Richey Kim Richey
Here I Go Again 2:54 Kim Richey Kim Richey
That’s Exactly What I Mean 5:34 Kim Richey Kim Richey
Just Like the Moon 4:30 Kim Richey Kim Richey
From Where I Stand 3:00 Kim Richey Kim Richey
Echoes of Love 3:12 Kim Richey Kim Richey
can’t lose them all 3:39 Kim Richey Glimmer
come around 3:54 Kim Richey Glimmer
hello old friend 3:43 Kim Richey Glimmer
so it goes 3:35 Kim Richey Glimmer
gravity 3:25 Kim Richey Glimmer
A Place Called Home 3:57 Kim Richey Rise
This Love 3:59 Kim Richey Rise
Me and You 3:26 Kim Richey Rise
No Judges 3:14 Kim Richey Rise
Wildest Dreams 4:33 Kim Richey Bitter Sweet
I Know 3:13 Kim Richey Bitter Sweet
Fallin’ 4:33 Kim Richey Bitter Sweet
Let It Roll 4:35 Kim Richey Bitter Sweet
The Absence of Your Comapny 3:21 Kim Richey Chinese Boxes
Turn Me 4:10 Kim Richey Chinese Boxes
I Will Follow 2:44 Kim Richey Chinese Boxes
22 Songs/1.3 Hours

One thought on “Kim Richey

  1. I tried making up my own “best of” list of Kim’s songs to share with a friend, and I think I came up with about the same number, if not more. She’s one of the best around..ever. I agree. Thank you for sharing this.

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