It’s My Life

A restlessness that won’t go away.
A yearning that gnaws on the inside,
Never letting go of its penetrating grip.

Would a different set of circumstances
Make for so much better of a life?
Would a different set of choices
Help alleviate this inner strife?

Different circumstances
Only offer the chance to change my life.
Different choices
Only provide the chance to kill this inner strife.

But I must change the circumstances.
I must make the choices.
It’s my life.
In the balance is my fate.
And given new choices,
Would I be willing to take the chances?

© 2010 Wasted Space Publishing

Country Road

I’m a city boy. Raised with 5 million close friend, no cows. With 8 lane freeways, no dirt roads. But there is something about driving down a country road that makes me feel more at home than having a WalMart and Chili’s around the corner. There’s a song there somewhere. Can you hear it? Floating on the breeze like a memory that you can’t have really had growing up in the city.

Son Volt

Jay Farrar was in a band with Jeff Tweety called Uncle Tupelo. When the band broke up, Jeff started Wilco and Jay started Son Volt. I’m sure Wilco is the band you’ve heard of, but Son Volt deserves a listen, too. Problem is Son Volt is another band, like The Jayhawks or Kim Richey or Cowboy Junkies, lost in a radio world without rock and roll in all it’s varied, ragged glory. Fact is, great rock bands like The Eagles would get lost in today’s music hierarchy.

Give Son Volt a listen. It ain’t country, but that’s what they call it nowadays.

Song Time Artist Album
Windfall 2:58 Son Volt Trace
Tear-Stained Eye 4:21 Son Volt Trace
Ten Second News 3:57 Son Volt Trace
Picking Up the Signal 3:46 Son Volt Straightaways
Last Minute Shakedown 4:03 Son Volt Straightaways
Driving the View 2:58 Son Volt Wide Swing Tremolo
Medicine Hat 4:14 Son Volt Wide Swing Tremolo
Strands 5:05 Son Volt Wide Swing Tremolo
Atmosphere 3:51 Son Volt Okemah and the Melody Riot
Medication 5:00 Son Volt Okemah and the Melody Riot
The Picture 3:26 Son Volt The Search
Underground Dream 4:31 Son Volt The Search
Circadian Rhythm 5:03 Son Volt The Search
The Search 2:56 Son Volt The Search
Methamphetamine 4:01 Son Volt The Search
When the Wheels Don’t Move 3:22 Son Volt American Central Dust
Strength and Doubt 3:35 Son Volt American Central Dust
Damn Shame 2:34 Jay Farrar ThirdShiftGrottoSlack
Station to Station 2:38 Jay Farrar ThirdShiftGrottoSlack
Clear Day Thunder 2:43 Jay Farrar Sebastopol
Voodoo Candle 3:53 Jay Farrar Sebastopol
Feed Kill Chain 3:20 Jay Farrar Sebastopol
22 Songs/1.3 Hours


I don’t know anyone who ever tells the truth.
There’s always something concealed beneath the surface.
Even honest men still tell lies.
Deceit enters everybody’s life.

It’s the duplicity of man that hides the higher order.
It’s the con man in every soul that thwarts a perfect world.

I don’t think it’s so hard to tell the truth until I try.
There’s always something you can tell one but not the other guy.
Still, even deceitful men try to tell the truth in part.
We all seem to know the truth is a good place to start.

But it’s the duplicity of man that conceals the higher being.
It’s the swindler in every soul that craves nothing but the winning.

So I live in the guise of straightforwardness,
And I hide behind the masque of truthfulness.
Because honesty is honored by all and achieved by none,
And we try to make our comrades believe we’re the one.

But the duplicity of man can not be overcome.
It can’t even be controlled.
It’s part of a world tainted by sin.
And so we spin
Into oblivion

© 2010 Wasted Space Publishing