With an Empty Heart

In the cold dark night of a bright spring day,
I blinded myself to the facts.
You said you never loved me and were going away,
but I turned a deaf ear and tried not to act

Let down.
Torn apart.
Rid of my senses,
with an empty heart.

I loved you more than sight and sound.
I guess you didn’t.
You sent me looking for love in the lost and found,
but I couldn’t

Find what was lost.
Think what to look for.
I was rid of my senses,
with an empty heart.

The fury of love has been replaced,
by the silence of my sorrow.
When I wake up to another day,
I can’t believe it’s already tomorrow.

Because you let me down.
You tore me apart.
Rid me of my senses,
and emptied my heart.

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