iTexas Tour : Battleship Texas

This is an old boat – almost 100 years old. It has served in two World Wars, and participated in the battles on D-Day, at Iwo Jima, Okinawa and Guadalcanal. It was by far my son’s favorite destination on our Texas Tour. But what caught my attention most was the claustrophobia below deck – the low ceilings and bunk beds chained to the roof and walls wherever there is room. God bless the 1700 men who sailed on each of her missions in defense of our country.

One thought on “iTexas Tour : Battleship Texas

  1. Love the “Battle Ready” photo!

    Looking at that anchor chain, my first thought was, “No doubt that anchor would hold”. On second thought I recognized that the anchor can’t hold all that well in drifting sand, no matter how big or what the chain is made of. It’s a comfort to know, when we trust in Christ, that our anchor of confidence is secure in the Solid Rock, the Rock of Ages.

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