This is my favorite serif font. The serifs are heavy enough to stand up well in small printed text. There is also a uniqueness to the characters, especially in the italic, in the descenders and roundness that distinguishes it from most commonly used serif fonts.

When I researched it, I liked the font even more. It was designed in 1967 by Jan Tschichold, but is based on types by Claude Garamond from the 16th century and named after a printer of the period, Jacques Sabon. That deriving something new out of something old is appealing to me. To seal the deal, some of the first printed materials to use Sabon was the Washburn College Bible in 1973 and the 1979 Book of Common Prayer for the Episcopal Church. That ecclesiastical connection is also interesting. After all, if it’s good enough for the Bible, it should be good enough for my clients.

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