My Classic Movies

This is a very personal list. This is not “the greatest classic movies of all time” or anything like that. These are just old films that captured me, sometimes in just some small way – like Walter Brennan’s “You ever been stung by a dead bee?” in To Have and Have Not, or the incredible, masterpiece images of the passion of Christ in the the first minutes of Barabbas. I’m sure you’ll find yourself saying things like “Why To Catch a Thief and not Vertigo or Rear Window?” (because there have never been two more beautiful people in a more beautiful place than Grace Kelly and Cary Grant on the French Riviera), but if you haven’t seen any of these, you should take a look. Maybe you’ll find something to like, too.

Title Director
To Have and Have Not Howard Hawks
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Richard Brooks
The Sun Also Rises Henry King
Sabrina Billy Wilder
Our Man in Havana Carol Reed
The Searchers John Ford
Barabbas Richard Fleischer
The Night of the Iguana John Huston
The Killers Robert Siodmak
To Catch a Thief Alfred Hitchcock

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