Susan’s Suggestions

I got a list of things to listen to from Susan. Thought I would pass on her suggestions, and maybe she will send me a list of her Desert Island Records. When she does, I’ll post those, too.

Thanks, Susan. I’ve got a lot of these on my iTunes already. The ones I don’t, I’ll give a listen.

Bob Schneider:
I’m Good Now; Let the Light In; Lovely Creatures

The Black Keys:
I’m a Lonely Boy

Still the Night; Go Slow Down

Big Head Todd & The Monsters

Alison Krauss

Carey Ott:
I Wouldn’t Do That To You

Chris Isaak:
Let Me Down Easy; Can’t Do a Thing

Del Amitri:
Kiss This Thing Goodbye; Always the Last to Know

Mother & Daughter

Our Texas tours are all about history – creating our family’s personal history, that is. One of the most beautiful parts of that history is watching my wife and our daughter. It is a relationship I will never fully know. I see it in it’s maturity between my wife and her mother. I see it growing between my daughter and her mother. They don’t always get along. They don’t even mostly get along. But that give and take is changing them both. Showing us all a kind of love that is rooted deeply in their souls.

iTexas Tour: Mission Details

Beautiful, hand-crafted, bridging worlds. The details of these places of worship and war on the San Antonio Mission Trail reveal the life and aspirations of those that lived there. The simple carpentry of the communion table, the color and intricacy of a plaster wall, a Virgin that speaks to the native tribes. From across the seas these explorers brought their world with them and adapted it to their new world. It is a testament to the human spirit.

Desert Island Directors

How do you choose what movies to watch? Who’s in it? What it’s about? One of the first things I do is look at who is directing the movie. If any of these guys make a new movie (excepting the ones that are dead, of course), I want to see it. Even the dead guys can get in on the act if it’s one of their films I haven’t seen before. That doesn’t mean the movie is always great, but the way these guys translate ideas into vision appeals to me.

David Lean
Billy Wilder
Tony Scott
John Lasseter
Joel & Ethan Coen
Tim Burton
John Ford
Woody Allen
Steven Spielberg
Wes Anderson

Desert Island Bands

When you’re marooned on a desert island, you can’t be too picky about what washes up on shore. So, instead of a list of specific records, here are ten bands – any albums from any of them will do nicely while I’m stranded. Funny thing is, my final list doesn’t have any new bands. I just couldn’t replace any of these with bands I’ve been introduced to over the past decade or so. Seems the more lists I make the more evident it becomes how stuck in the past I really am.

The Beatles
Bob Dylan
Fleetwood Mac
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
Dire Straits
David Bowie