On Reality

Once upon a time.
On a dark and stormy night.
And other cliches that conjure
trying times
long ago.

In a fantasy world of my own devising,
I tilt at dangerous dragons
and serve the love of my lady.

When the present starts to darken the past.
When my nightmares become reality at last.
I know dreaming won’t bring you back
but fantasy might.

And in my mind you’re here,
protected by my blade.
I’m your knight in shining armour
in this fantasy world I made.

But the world of fantasy is gone
when reality takes back its throne.
And I know you’re really gone.

Reality, the destroyer of my world.
Reality, my cruel monarch.
Fantasy is where I prefer to stay.
In a cliche creation
with my daily innovations

on Reality.

© 2012 Wasted Space Publishing

One thought on “On Reality

  1. You’re a TRUE ROMANTIC! You’ve heard the cliche: He’s so heavenly minded that he’s no earthly good? That’s the trick isn’t it–to have great dreams and hopes, but remain grounded in reality. Re-read the book of James.

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