We See

I try to keep telling you
about my feelings and my dreams.
But everything sounds hollow
and nothing is what it seems.

I can write about my love and loneliness.
I can write about my fears of death.
But hidden in my subconscious
is my underlying quest.

To make you feel
the way I feel.
To make you see
the things I see.
I don’t care if you disagree.
I just want you to understand me.

What I want you to find
isn’t half as important as what you feel.
But the cataracts of my mind
may run over you with random skill.

And isn’t is part of the human condition
to communicate our brightest dreams and ghastly fears?
And with just as much commitment I listen
to the highest aspirations and hidden inhibitions I hear.

Because I want to feel
the way you feel.
And I want to see
the things you see.
So even if we disagree,
you still may understand me.

© 2012 Wasted Space Publishing

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