Seek to Know the Mind of God

Waiting for something else to happen,
My mind escapes me.
It leaves me empty
As it floats in ethereal reality.

I wait for my mind to return with anticipation,
But not hurried.
It returns in time
With a notion of eternal spirituality.

Between the spiritual and the real
There is a bridge.
It dwells within our mind.
It moves where we cannot go.

You must first seek the mind of awareness,
For God is hidden there.
To know him
You must seek his infinity.

Faith is part of that awareness,
But it must not close your mind.
God is more than we can comprehend,
Be complete in His serenity.

© 2012 Wasted Space Publishing

Angels with dirty wings

A couple of days ago Sara Hickman’s mom reached out to me on Facebook. We were neighbors when we were kids in Houston. Sara has recorded like 20 albums since the 1990s (I checked out her website I still just remember her as a kid across the street we played with sometimes. But it got me to thinking about who my favorite female vocalists are. Sara didn’t make this list, but she might once I have a chance to listen to more of her music. Here is who did make the list – I’ve got my top ten, and then half a dozen or more alternates.

Kim Richey
Lucinda Williams
Margo Timmins (Cowboy Junkies)
Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac)
Allison Moorer
Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders)
Emmylou Harris
Macy Gray
Patty Griffin
Susan Tedeschi

Sheryl Crow
Kate Pearson (The B-52’s)
Carole King
Norah Jones
Tift Merritt
Natalie Merchant
Vickie Thorn (The Waifs)
Maria McKee (Lone Justice)
Alison Krauss

Just Another Ditty

Just another ditty to fill up my day.
I’m tired of trying to see things clearly,
The mushroom clouds are in the way.
So I’ll sing another ditty to pass the day away.

Just another ditty to pass away the time.
I’m so tired of the fear and loathing,
In this seething world of mine.
So I’ll sing another ditty until I find

A different way to fill up my day.
Another way to pass the time.

The world and me don’t see eye to eye,
And this little ditty is just a way,
To fill up my day,
To pass the time away.

Just another ditty to keep my mind off what’s really bothering me.
There’s nothing I can do about it anyway,
Can’t you see.
So I’ll sing this ditty and try

A different way to fill up my day.
Another way to pass the time.

‘Cause the world and me don’t see eye to eye,
And this little ditty is just the way
I fill up my day
And pass the time away.



Look at me.
What do you see?
That isn’t me.

Look again.
You see the man.
You don’t see what’s within.

Listen to my words.
Their call for accord.
A mask of sorts.

Listen to my meaning.
Its call for healing.
Hidden in manufactured feeling.

Taste the emotion.
Your heart all motion.
Fulfilling a function.

Taste the sweetness,
Of life and loneliness.
A mirror or something less.

Feel the tug on your soul.
Recreating something old.
Something you think I told.

Feel the fire in your mind.
Fanned by what I helped you find.
Something that was never mine.

But behind this sensory onslaught
Is what I’d like to introduce you to.


Closed to all intruders.
Hidden by many masks
In this masque of life.
In this dumb-show.
In this rehearsal.
Where we play a part and grasp at words.

Peaking out from under.
Permeating every task.
In this masque called life.
In this stage show.
In this curtain call.
Where the part conceals depth below the surface.

Confined and torn asunder.
Arranging the pieces of fact.
In a proper masque without life.
In a play without drama.
In a comedy without humor.
Where each part is just a taste of the tragedy.

Revealing unknown plunder.
Rich in what I lack.
In this masque of life.
In this movie madness.
In this final scene.
Where some parts make you feel eternity,

Beyond the sensory onslaught.
Deep inside the masque.

© 2012 Wasted Space Publishing

For everybody

Shout for joy! Tap your toes!
A savior has come to end our woes.
From out of the sky for all to see,
He came today – it was on TV.

Those who hide in deep dark souls
Fear the order our savior restores.
But rejoice! Celebrate completion!
Not instant karma – instant salvation.

Bathed now in glorious light we thrive,
Overflowing with His new life.
The last and final victory is won,
And we bask in the light of the Son.

© 2012 Wasted Space Publishing

Brothers and Sisters

“You’re stupid!” “I hate you!” That’s what they say, but I don’t think it’s true. I never had a sister, especially a smarty pants older sister, just three brothers. An older brother who was my rival. A younger brother we teased mercilessly. And the baby brother we all wanted to protect. These two have all those relationships wrapped up into one. And as much as they can’t stand each other or know the right buttons to push to make each other mad, they are always the first one each of them turn to when something happens, good or bad. Nothing new about all that, but it sure is fun to watch.