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Part of my perception of the rock music I like was that to make the pantheon of greatness there had to be hard core drinking and drugs involved and at least the hint of promiscuity. The stories of John Bonham’s binge drinking and choking to death on his own vomit or Jimi Hendrix overdosing on heroin or the partner swapping during the height of Fleetwood Mac’s popularity were all part of the muse that made rock music. That’s sad, really, and not true. Most of the songs on this list are either from professed Christian musicians or popular musicians who turned from sex and drugs and still made rock and roll. Sometimes in these songs a bit of the bite is gone, but the beauty blossoms. As I get older, I prefer more and more the beauty to the bite.

Song Time Artist Album
You Are More 3:37 Tenth Avenue North The Light Meets the Dark
Fade Into You 4:54 Mazzy Star So Tonight That I Might See
Rescue 5:35 Lucinda Williams West
In the Sun 5:36 Joseph Arthur Come to Where I’m From
Morning Has Broken 3:20 Cat Stevens Teaser and the Firecat
Slow Train 5:59 Bob Dylan Slow Train Coming
Close Enough for Jazz 3:46 Van Morrison Born to Sing: No Plan B
Finally Home 3:30 MercyMe All That is Inside Me
Go, Love 4:52 Mark Knopfler Privateering
Hard Bargain 3:23 Emmylou Harris Hard Bargain
Hallelujah 3:26 Allison Moorer Getting Somewhere
Devel’s Been Talkin’ 3:35 NEEDTOBREATHE The Reckoning
Don’t Give Up Hope 4:07 Third Day Move
Smoke Signals 8:26 Marc Ford Weary and Wired
Dark Horses 3:54 Switchfoot Vice Verses
Live 5:10 Lenny Kravitz 5
Higher Ground 3:43 Stevie Wonder Innervisions
17 Songs/1.2 Hours

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