Have you seen any of these?

I’m always behind on movies. I don’t go to see many in the theater. I have my own theater at home, one where I can pause the film if I need to get a soda or go to the restroom. Still, most of these came out in the last year or so. Many of them are not the most popular, box office blockbusters, but they are all worth a watch, with a story to tell or an actor or director I like or based on a book I’ve read. And for whatever reason I watched any of these films in the first place, these are the ones I wanted to watch again.

Title Director
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo David Fincher
Super 8 J.J. Abrams
Get Low Aaron Schneider
The Rum Diary Bruce Robinson
Midnight in Paris Woody Allen
For Greater Glory Dean Wright
The Debt John Madden
Kill the Irishman Jonathan Hensleigh
Brighton Rock Rowan Joffe
Get the Gringo Adrian Grunberg

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