It’s Hip to Be Square

Faces of Africa

A Sparkle in Her Eyes

Cruise the Bahamas

Day Care

The Dragon Made Me Do It

I entered a little corner of my daughter’s world about three months ago. I started using Instagram. It was really just to keep an eye on what she was posting, but now I’m hooked. I’ve posted nearly 300 images and have over a hundred followers (not many considering lots of folks have thousands, even my daughter has more followers than me). There are a couple of the interesting things about it, though. First, the images are all square which means my penchants for negative space and off center subjects is constantly challenged. In fact, some of my favorite shots won’t work in the 612 x 612 space. Then there is the phenomena of what images people like. What they like are not necessarily my favorites, and sometimes what I think is a really great photograph doesn’t get much attention at all. Theses five images are the ones that have the most “Likes” in my library. Some of them have been posted on before in their full frame dimensions, some I never considered posting before. Come see what you like @pbwomack on Instagram.