My Little Girl

Thirsting for you,
lost in the weeds
of what life is becoming.

Longing to quench
the little, dry disappointments
of a day to day without ending.

Unable to dredge you from the depths
of decisions that have already been made.

Unable to reclaim the drops of time
before they evaporate away.

Hoping to glimpse your sail
far across this vast ocean
separating the world.

Thirsting for you,
my little girl.

© 2014 Wasted Space Publishing

Ugly Truth

Truth is an absolute,
standing astride the tides
of passing thought
that try to change its meaning.

Beauty is a murky oracle,
conjuring images in a crystal ball
of reflected light
to glimpse what it can never clearly see.

And ugly truth careens headlong
into what beauty means to be,
leaving shards of man made myth
to reflect the intentions of eternity.

© 2014 Wasted Space Publishing